Singapore Prewedding Photography - David & Angita by LOVELENS

DAVIDANGITA is our names combined into one.
What makes it special to us is that the word ‘dan‘ in between DAVIDANGITA; in Bahasa Indonesia which means ‘and’, being naturally embedded in it.
That’s exactly how we feel about us together – natural and meant to be.

We met in 2006, freshman year of university.
It all started right from the first sight to series of late night/early morning MSN chats (yes, we did mourn over the shutting down of MSN!), and everything else in between.
We got closer over tennis games on Saturday mornings, despite the fact that we played on opposite teams and spent more time picking up those green balls than hitting them.
It was such a shame that it didn't last for long, as we did our two friends a favour by quitting and letting them play tennis for real in the next semester, ha!

We had our first non-canteen meal together in a small café on campus.
Both of us agreed it was great.
What we didn't acknowledge though, was that it wasn't about the food – it was the date
We also bonded over discussions we had on chemical bonds (pun intended :p).
Rather unsurprisingly, our mutual geekiness rendered us more time spent together in the library than anywhere else during those first few months we knew each other.

We officially got together on a certain Tuesday afternoon in January 2007.
It was the first week of the 2nd semester, when the tutorials hadn't commenced yet, so we found time for a movie on a weekday afternoon at the nearest cinema.
‘Blood Diamond‘ was far from a romantic movie, but it was after this movie that we held hands for the first time.

We have never looked back since.
True enough, five years after we watched that movie, a diamond ring does end up on my left finger ♥

With Love,